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Kære ,

{{if gcard_email.getSenderName()}} {{trans "%sender_name purchased a" sender_name=$gcard_email.getSenderName()|escape}} {{trans "%balance" balance=$gcard_email.getBalance()|escape}} {{trans "gift card for you at %store_name" store_name=$store.frontend_name|escape}}.
{{else}} {{trans "You have been bought a %balance" balance=$gcard_email.getBalance()|escape}} {{trans "gift card for %customer_name" customer_name=$store.frontend_name|escape}}
{{/if}} {{if gcard_email.getSenderMessage()}} {{trans "Please find below message from %sender_name" sender_name=$gcard_email.getSenderName()|escape}}:

{{var gcard_email.getSenderMessage()|escape|nl2br}}

{{/if}} {{if gcard_email.isAllowAssignToCustomer()}} {{trans "Please login or register on %store_name and add the following gift card code to Gift Cards section to use it on checkout or in the cart:" store_name=$store.frontend_name|escape}}
{{else}} {{trans "Please use the following gift card code at %store_name:" store_name=$store.frontend_name|escape}}

{{var gcard_email.getGiftCode()|escape}}

{{if gcard_email.getImage()}} {{var gcard_email.getImage()|raw}}
Vi glæder os til at se dig i vores butik.
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